Milestones of the Wimal Weerawansa’s life


  • Milestones of our strategic contribution to the nation

  • The following are the events in the chronological order that changed the course of our history:

  • As JVP parliamentary group members we managed to defeat the wrong stand taken by the JVP in 2007 to vote against the government during 2007 budget

  • However later the JVP withdrew from the Govt. and decided to vote against the Budget Proposal in 2008

  • UNP + TNA + Hakeem + Mano planned to defeat Govt. during the vote on the Budget of 2008 but the 11 national freedom front members votes helped to over turn that attempt

  • Govt. without majority was at the risk of loosing the Budget

  • Wimal Weerawansa struggled to persuade the JVP leadership to support the Govt. on the budget so that the Govt. could proceed with its military initiatives against the LTTE

  • Adomnt JVP abstained from voting.

  • NFF led by Wimal weerawansa backed the Govt. and voted in favor of the Govt. to support war efforts to defeat LTTE.

  • The Govt. manages to push the budget through without the support of the JVP

  • Wimal Weerawansa is expelled by JVP on allegations & conspiracy theories with no credible evidence.

  • Wimal Weerawansa forms JNP with his followers.

  • The Govt. wins the war which sets the country in a new direction

  • JVP suffers a major setbacks and the party is relegated to a minority with little political leverage.